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pulmonale Rehabilitation

Pulmonary rehabilitation is defined as a multidisciplinary programme of care for patients with chronic respiratory impairment that is individually tailored and designed to optimise physical and social performance and autonomy €.

Pulmonary rehabilitation results in improvements in multiple outcome areas of considerable importance to the patient, including dyspnoea, exercise ability, health status and healthcare utilisation. These positive effects occur despite the fact that it has a minimal effect on pulmonary function measurements. This reflects the fact that much of the morbidity from COPD results from secondary conditions, which are often treatable if recognised. Examples of these treatable conditions are cardiac deconditioning, peripheral muscle dysfunction, and a reduction in total and lean body mass, anxiety and poor coping skills. Elements of comprehensive pulmonary rehabilitation, including promoting a healthy lifestyle, stressing adherence to therapy and encouraging physical activity, should be incorporated into the care of all patients with COPD.

Pulmonary rehabilitation should be considered for patients with COPD who have dyspnoea or other respiratory symptoms, reduced exercise tolerance, a restriction in activities because of their disease, or impaired health status. There are no specific pulmonary function inclusion criteria that indicate the need for pulmonary rehabilitation, since symptoms and functional limitations direct the need for pulmonary rehabilitation.

The pulmonary rehabilitation programme includes exercise training, education, psychosocial/behavioural intervention, nutritional therapy, outcome assessment and promotion of long-term adherence to the rehabilitation recommendations.

ATS/ERS Statement
Am J Respir Crit Care Med. 2006; 173: 1390-1413

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